Beauty and the Bayou

I know that it has been about a month since the FABULOUS fashion show! What an amazing event to be a part of. I really sometimes wonder how two little hairstylist pull it off?! They are little, but man, they both have spunk.  Everyone who was a part of this process has a great appreciation for art and creative talent.  There is something about “creating” that makes a person feel so empowered.  I watched and photographed as stylist made their sketches come to life on a real live model.  Some of the ideas! There is no words to even describe some of the girls.  Simply, Stunning.  I love being there when models are getting ready for the big cat walk.  There is hair, lashes, glue, duct tape, and crazy, lampshades, and other items that are soon to be in infused in hair or costumes.  Anticipation built through out the day. Teal and I started whipping through the posed individual fashion shot.  60 models and 2 1/2 hours later I was not sure even what my name was, I had so much adrenaline running through my body.  I felt like a crazy fashion photographer I just got into the role so much! All the models were so fun to work with and OMG did they get in to it too!  The Fashion show is a specular event that I hope everyone in Butte will go support.  A lot of planning goes into the show, and boy does it show!   I just wanted to thank all of the lovely stylist from Jade and Essentials salon who let me photograph their beautiful work.  Models, you are the face of this show and amazing talent! Butte is so blessed to have you all! The music was fabulous Frank Hall, double lazy s, Healing Notes, And Dan Olson!  And by the way you are a great assistant Frankie! when Teal was gone :)! The lighting, Montana Pro Audio….I FREAKING LOVE YOU! You make my photographs look kick-ass!  Also, Brian at Rediscoveries, what would BUTTE do with out you, really?! You make every look special with such attention to detail!  And to Teal, my lovely assistant.  What would I do without you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are such a crazy little lady and make everyone have fun and laugh!   Overall, I just want to say that the Fashion Show is ….ok I know I said it at the beginning…..AMAZING!!! Celeste and Leigh-Ann You are so great! You should go national with this thing!!!!!! 


A Family Affair

I have done family portraits before, but when Chuck came into my shop and asked me to photograph his family of 33 people I about fell over.  I thought, “wow, 33 people ranging in age of 2 months to well, lets just say “to a ripe age” as my grandmother would say (to this day I really do not know how old she is).  The second thought in my head was, that is alot of people to coordinate and smile and ….just a lot of work.  Do you really want to do this?  It was then that Chuck told me that it was crucial to get a family portrait of everyone.  When I knew how important this was to him and his family, I made it work.  Even though I was maxed out on time and had God knows a TON of things to finish for clients this was an important shoot that would mean so much to a lot of people (33 to be precise).

I want to thank this family for proving me wrong.  This was probably my funnest extended family portrait that I have ever taken.  You all were so enjoyable and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph you all.  We had smiles, some tears, some laughs, funny faces, and some tender moments.  And you know what the best part is? I enjoyed every minute of shooting and thought “my family needs to do this!”

Thank you again,






An Easter Story


Ok, If anyone knows Billy and Liberty LaVelle, you can be sure that one 

word to describe the pair would be Outgoing, full-of-energy, wild, not shy…but shy, funny, ask great questions for a such little kids, and full of LOVE! Ok, so maybe I couldn’t just say one word, but hey, give a girl a break! 

When Teal wanted me to photograph Billy and Liberty with their bunnies for Easter, I was sure that I didn’t have time, but True to form, I booked them anyway!  First, we thought to take them in the studio, but oh, man the weather was perfect out and something was telling me that we should head out to the beautiful, dead grass… and not-so-springy great outdoors!  Everyone loves their pictures in dead grass right?! Gotta love spring time!

Anywho, on with the story! So We met at the creepy spot I picked for portraits (Good thing Teal trusts me, because for some reason all the areas I love attract Hobos too!)  

Arms full of equipment and Teal with a laundry basket full of props and cloths, and bunnies, we headed over to this AMAZING dead tree and started photographing Billy and Liberty with their notorious and naughty bunnies (Batman and Monte)

And Wow, what a session! I knew right when I started clicking away, It was going to be a fun one. 

 Could not have asked for a better Easter gift to give a mom! These images are so dear to my heart because they are, to me, who Liberty and Billy are.  Wild, fun, loving, and beautiful siblings that will probably never remember how much fun they had on this shoot. But they have the images that show it.  Isn’t it funny how when you are growing up, you forget how much fun you have with your brothers and sisters?  And animals?! 

Crazy faces, laughter, Teal running back and forth to place Batman where he needed to be and catching Manny from running off, and the memory of making a photoshoot FUN for Billy and Liberty that they will more than likely not ever remember. But maybe, just maybe, someday they will look at these images and get a great feeling, that will spark something inside, and they will remember their bunnies how much they loved them, and how much fun they had that warm March evening.

Thanks for Reading!