Some Kind of Love!

Samantha and Dennis,

I am so glad that we finally got a good sunny day for some engagement photos! The rain was really a bummer considering we had to reschedule like 5 times! But in the end it was worth it.  After meeting with you both the first time, I knew that your session would be a fun adventure! I was so astonished at the beautiful places you took me to captured some amazing shots of you in territory that was dear to both of your hearts. ( I really wish that I could have seen the mountain man that lives up on that one place) :). I have always loved the willow glen area too. At a glance, you don’t notice the beauty but after living there I miss the tall willows and the gorgeous view. I am glad that we got to photograph where your horses are and get some good memories as well! I loved every minute of shooting, but I think my favorite part of this experience was watching you guys view your images on the big screen.  I don’t like making people cry, but In this instance I was so honored that my images brought you to tears Samantha :).

Thanks again


ImageImageE-Dennis-Samantha-279 E-Dennis-Samantha-276 E-Dennis-Samantha-272 E-Dennis-Samantha-268

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Jackie & Josh

Nothing is more exciting to me than getting to know and photograph my clients…..Ok, I lied.  A steak is actually the most exciting thing to me but, photography is more than just a job to me and I hold my experiences with clients close to my heart and get excited when I get to photograph a couple.

Jackie and Josh, you are such a unique couple and I am so glad that you chose me as your wedding photographer.  I love how you are both so honest and open to do anything for me, even if it means hiking up a huge hill to get the perfect shot! Thank you for being so fun and easy going! Can’t wait for the wedding!


E-Josh-Jacki-228 E-Josh-Jacki-227 E-Josh-Jacki-225 E-Josh-Jacki-208

Erika, Citily, and Daisy

When spring comes I always enjoy the green grass, baby cows, and the flowers! I have really opened a new chapter in my photography in the sense of making sessions become something different and encompass beauty.  Beauty of life, nature, the beauty of a child’s smile and the beauty of a soon to be mother.  I Would like to thank Erika for being such a amazing woman who rocks a preggo belly so well! I love all the amazing outfits she brought and being so willing to do anything for me (being only a week away from her due date) I had the funnest time photographing in the field! Cars drove by with wide eyes and we just kept shooting! It looked like we were in the mountains and in reality we were on the side of the road, in a horrible wind storm, waiting to get drenched in rain! Goes to show that you can make any situation beautiful. Just change your angle of thinking…and shooting!