Erika, Citily, and Daisy

When spring comes I always enjoy the green grass, baby cows, and the flowers! I have really opened a new chapter in my photography in the sense of making sessions become something different and encompass beauty.  Beauty of life, nature, the beauty of a child’s smile and the beauty of a soon to be mother.  I Would like to thank Erika for being such a amazing woman who rocks a preggo belly so well! I love all the amazing outfits she brought and being so willing to do anything for me (being only a week away from her due date) I had the funnest time photographing in the field! Cars drove by with wide eyes and we just kept shooting! It looked like we were in the mountains and in reality we were on the side of the road, in a horrible wind storm, waiting to get drenched in rain! Goes to show that you can make any situation beautiful. Just change your angle of thinking…and shooting! 




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