Chris & Hannah

As a little girl I always imagined getting married in a magical place…somewhere with mysterious trees, sunlight scraping throughout the forest and showing every detail that lies in this beautiful place.  Imagine a forest with the tallest trees in the world, and just off the coast of the pacific ocean.  Waves crashing into beautiful beaches and steep cliffs, and only a few feet past the beach is a forest of beauty.  Yes, this is the perfect place to get married.  Hannah and Chris had the perfect idea of how to say I do…..and since I already am married, I was extra excited that I got to photograph a fairytale wedding. What is a fairytale wedding? A big dress, a show, a ginormous extravagant cake, decorations up the wazoo……No, Not anything close. A fairytale wedding is exactly what Hannah and Chris had.  A destination of pure beauty and peace, friends and family that mean the world to you, and making a commitment to your best friend to covet forever. That is a fairytale wedding.  Hannah and Chris, I was so glad that you picked me to capture your day.  Your friends and family are amazing.  You both were so happy and great to work for and I appreciate you very much.    



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