Small Town Love

I really can’t believe that it has already been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I met this amazing couple.  Well, kind of. (I did take Colton’s senior pictures a few years back but, he was just a youngin’ then) Time sure flies when your havin’ fun!

Kayla and Colten had beautiful summer day at the Klefner Ranch in East Helena. The sky filled up with those cotton candy clouds and it was a photographer’s paradise.  I love how Colton’s mom Brenda put so much thought in to each detail of the reception barn.  From the candy table to the head table it looked stunning.

Kayla looked so beautiful and Colton couldn’t keep his eyes off her…..but during the first look he refused to turn around until we, the photographers gave him the go ahead.  That took about 5 minutes of wondering what he was doing. 🙂 If you do not know, Colton and Kayla are kind of high school sweethearts from Whitehall, MT.  I just love that.  Oh, and Kayla LOVES cows…….just incase no ones knew 😉

Colton and Kayla,  I wish you the best in not only your journey as husband and wife, but also in life in general.  You two are goofballs and I just love ya for that.  Colton, keep Kayla laughing and I am positive you will have a long happy life together 🙂 ………ForHeifer!!!!! (and for those of you who thought I spelt forever wrong, I did not….its a cow thing)


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