A Beautiful Fairmont Montana Wedding for Christian and Brooks


From the first time I met Christian I knew that there was something different about this lil bride of mine.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but after spending time in my shop just chatting about life, babies, family, and so on it finally came to me.  This wonderful woman, is often misperceived,….looked at as not who she really is.  I can honestly say I was really intimidated by her beautiful figure, her gorgeous demeanor, and her to-the-point confidence the first time I met Christian.  Now, I realize that there is so much more behind those crystal blue eyes. There is a story of a young lady who has been through a lot in this life and has come to where she and her family are today because of how strong she is.  I still don’t know a lot about Christian and Brooks, but what I do know is this- When Christian walked down the aisle that August day, Brooks look was priceless.  Through his eyes you could see how much he loved this woman, this mother of his two children, and his soulmate.  (Just look at the images below).  Me, someone who has known them for literally less than a year, could even see how they have waited for this day to make their vows and love known to all of their friends and family.  Although there were so many happy moments that I will remember from this day…There is one moment in particular that gets me choked up.  I will never forget when Christian was getting into her dress, her mother-in-law and sister helping, she was looking out the window, watching the rain pour down.  I saw her look change, her look softened and I soon saw a tear roll down her face.  Then she looked at her mom, and mouthed “I miss my dad”.  This one moment.  A moment that a daughter should never have to experience on her wedding day.  Sometimes its this type of moment that make you remember what is most important about weddings, and that is the wonderful people in our lives that make this day special, and without them physically there, it is hard to bare.  I am blessed to have seen her remembering her dad because somehow he was there.  Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was just the silence in the room, but he was there, looking down on his beautiful daughter on her day.  

Christian and Brooks, Thank you for including me in your wedding at The gorgeous Fairmont, MT 🙂 I loved working with you! I am so excited for you to enjoy your day again and again through these images.  


fairmont_Wedding-0051 fairmont_Wedding-0050 fairmont_Wedding-0049 fairmont_Wedding-0048 fairmont_Wedding-0047 fairmont_Wedding-0046 fairmont_Wedding-0045 fairmont_Wedding-0044 fairmont_Wedding-0043 fairmont_Wedding-0042 fairmont_Wedding-0041 fairmont_Wedding-0040 fairmont_Wedding-0039 fairmont_Wedding-0038 fairmont_Wedding-0037 fairmont_Wedding-0036 fairmont_Wedding-0035 fairmont_Wedding-0034 fairmont_Wedding-0032 fairmont_Wedding-0031 fairmont_Wedding-0030 fairmont_Wedding-0029 fairmont_Wedding-0028 fairmont_Wedding-0027 fairmont_Wedding-0026 fairmont_Wedding-0025 fairmont_Wedding-0024 fairmont_Wedding-0023 fairmont_Wedding-0022 fairmont_Wedding-0021 fairmont_Wedding-0020 fairmont_Wedding-0019 fairmont_Wedding-0018 fairmont_Wedding-0017 fairmont_Wedding-0016 fairmont_Wedding-0015 fairmont_Wedding-0014 fairmont_Wedding-0013 fairmont_Wedding-0012 fairmont_Wedding-0011 fairmont_Wedding-0010 fairmont_Wedding-0009 fairmont_Wedding-0008 fairmont_Wedding-0007 fairmont_Wedding-0005 fairmont_Wedding-0003 fairmont_Wedding-0001

Wedding at the Flying Horse Ranch Corvallis, MT {Tyler & Whitney}


         You know those hot summer August weddings that are so hot you really wish it would rain?.  …..Well, lets just say that the weekend of August 23rd this year I think we got more rain in Montana than we did this whole spring. I was so nervous for the day because it was mostly outdoors, and I knew that we all were kinda bummed that the storm had really decided to stay.  Somehow though, I think that the unpredictable things at a wedding are what make it truely a unique day.  Even though most of the time we were walking back and forth under umbrellas, literally seconds after the “I do’s” the rain clouds lifted.  It stopped for all the pictures, and the sky was gorgeous after the rain fall and brought out an amazing blue in those breathtaking mountains.  

      I guess it goes to show that you can’t control the weather, but the one thing you can control is how much fun you decide to have. Might I say this group was a hoot.  Loved everyone involved, I could see how important family and friends were to Tyler and Whitney.  I will never forget how relaxed and gracious everyone was.  The bridesmaids even toughed it out in the soggy grass in heels for me, and the guys….well let’s just say they were having fun no matter what happened.  Thank you all for a great, beautiful, 57 degree August day.  I enjoyed every moment! 



Photography: MKate Photography Butte, MT

Venue: Flying Horse Ranch Corvallis, MT

Dress: Eskay Bridal Bozeman, MT

Tuxes: Rococo Bridal Missoula, MT

Flowers: Bitterroot Floral and arranged by mother of the bride

Cake: Rosauers, Missoula, MT

Food: Cafe Rio Missoula, MT

Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-1 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-2 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-3 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-4 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-5 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-6 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-7 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-8 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-9 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-10 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-11 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-12 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-13 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-14 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-15 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-16 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-17 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-18 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-19 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-20 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-21 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-22 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-23 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-24 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-25 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-26 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-27 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-28 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-29 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-30 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-31 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-32 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-33 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-34 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-35 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-36 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-37 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-38 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-39 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-40 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-41 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-42 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-43 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-44 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-45 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-46 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-47 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-48 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-49 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-50 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-51 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-52 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-53 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-54 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-55

Old Works Wedding (Ben & Krystal)


When most people think of a wedding in Anaconda, MT, there mind goes to the usual church wedding and a reception at the Elks. Well, little do people know how beautiful this small town actually is! (I’m not going to lie, I have been guilty of thinkin’ judging this town before I really knew)

Ben & Krystal had a gorgeous day at the Anaconda Old Works golf course. The wedding was small, beautiful and the perfect setting for them to share their “I Do’s”. I loved how when Krystal’s uncle saw her for the first time he was trying to hold back the tears, and how the anticipation of seeing Ben for the first time on that day got the best of Krystal as she walked towards him during the reveal. Even Grandma was tearing up during the first dance.

Just from being surrounded by Ben, Krystal and all their family and friends, I felt the love everyone had for these two. They are one of the most kind, and most genuine couple I have met and I look forward to seeing what lies in their future. Congrats to Ben & Krystal, and to many years of a long happy life together! Thank you so much for a wonderful day to photograph!



Photography: MKate Photography-http://mkatephotography.com

Cake: Creative Cakes by Dee Dee

Venue: Old Works Golf Course -http://www.oldworks.org/index.php

Dj- Doc Savage: http://www.djdocsavage.com

Dresses & Tux: David’s Bridal- http://www.davidsbridal.com

Flowers: Brenda’s Florist

Caterer-Pete Nalivka (OW Golf course)


Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-400 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-401 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-402 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-403 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-404 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-405 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-406 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-407 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-408 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-409 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-410 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-411 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-412 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-413 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-414 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-415 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-416 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-417 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-418 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-419 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-420 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-421 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-422 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-423 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-424 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-425 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-426 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-427 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-428 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-429 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-430 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-431 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-432 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-433 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-434 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-435 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-436 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-437 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-438 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-439 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-440 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-441 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-442 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-443 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-444 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-445 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-446 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-447 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-448 Old_Works_Wedding_Anaconda_Montana-449


Opportunity Country Club Wedding (Cassie + TJ)

For those of you who know Cassie and TJ, it’s a no-brainer that they are perfect for each other.  They go together perfectly and bring out the best in each other. Now that I know them as a couple I could never see them apart.

I have known Cass for 6 years, it has been a whirlwind of trial and tribulation, happy, sad, and blessings (one in particular, a cute lil blonde firecracker named Zyler).

The day was perfect. Full of fun and love but I would have to say my favorite moments are all wrapped up in the ceremony. During the vows, Cassie said that all that has happened in her life brought her to that moment, that beautiful August day in Opportunity, MT to marry TJ.  I could not agree more, and to be honest it was really hard to photograph the ceremony because all of us were crying….. and trying to photograph while crying is really hard :).  I saw the look on TJ’s face as Cass walked down the aisle with Zyler and her dad, and there was so much love in his eyes, I hope Cassie remembers that moment forever because that is what love looks like.  

Cassie, your fairy tale finally came true. You even rode in on a white horse (seriously, who does that? That only happens in Disney movies lol) And you left the alter with the man of your dreams to enjoy a night of dancing and laughter with many loved ones.  I would say that this day was worth every moment, every day that led you here.  

Congrats to you both.  It truly makes me happy to see how happy you two make each other.  Here’s to a lifetime of laughter, love….and for Cassie, a little glass of wine too 🙂



Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-67 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-66 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-65 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-64 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-63 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-62 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-61 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-60 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-59 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-58 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-57 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-56 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-55 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-54 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-53 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-52 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-51 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-50 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-49 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-48 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-47 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-46 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-45 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-44 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-43 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-42 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-41 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-40 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-39 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-38 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-37 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-36 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-35 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-34 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-33 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-32 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-31 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-30 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-29 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-28 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-27 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-26 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-25 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-24 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-23 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-22 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-21 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-20 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-19 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-18 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-17 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-16 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-15 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-14 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-13 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-12 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-11 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-10 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-9 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-8 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-7 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-6 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-5 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-4 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-3 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-2 Opportunity_Country_Club_Wedding-1

Beautiful Uptown Butte Wedding for Matt and Cassie


When I first met Cassie and Matt, it was over a year ago….(wow, time sure goes by when you’re having fun) I remember that they told me that the wedding photographs were one of the most important things they wanted to invest in for their wedding to take place in Butte, MT the following year.  I remember thinking, “Great! That means that I am important to them!”…..then I realized, “Wow, this is one of the most important things to them…….don’t screw it up Melissa.”  

I was so nervous when we started the engagement shoot, I am surpised that I got my shaking under control.  For those of you who know Matt & Cass, they are the most happy and honest people you could meet, so I guess I was just really nervous that I was getting good stuff because I knew that these images would be really important to them.   Once I started shooting, it all fell into place.  Matt and Cass and the pups were full of life and funny moments……I was so happy that we all had the same sense of humor and even though it was a rodeo with the dogs, I was terrified of a pet cow (it did look mean from a distance in my defense) the images came out great and showed a lot of love and fun.  

And then like that, the wedding was here. Cass looked amazing, I love this girl’s laugh. It is possibly the cutest thing in the world. The day was beautiful in uptown Butte, MT and the wedding reception at the Front Street Station was amazingly decorated by Cathy O’lett.  

Matt and Cassie, I am sad that all the wedding fun is over, but so excited for you to start a life and family together.  I love how you made it so easy for me to photograph your love. I really enjoyed getting to know you both, your puppies (up close and personal lol) and your wonderful family and friends. You are truly blessed and Thank you!


UpTown_Butte_Wedding-153 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-152 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-151 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-150 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-149 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-148 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-147 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-146 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-145 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-144 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-143 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-142 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-141 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-140 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-139 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-138 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-137 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-136 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-135 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-134 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-133 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-132 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-131 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-130 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-129 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-128 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-127 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-126 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-125 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-124 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-123 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-122 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-121 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-120 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-119 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-118 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-117 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-116 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-115 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-114 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-113 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-112 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-111 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-110 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-109 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-108 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-107 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-106 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-105 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-104 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-103 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-102 UpTown_Butte_Wedding-101

A Glamorous Pin Up Session


If you know this beautiful woman, you would know that she has the biggest heart in the world.  It might take awhile to get this gal to come out of her shell, but I have seen a transformation in her this past 6 months that is unbelievable.  She would do anything for anyone, but finally I see her doing things for herself.  From this I feel Miss Teala is going places and going to inspire many other women to step up and love yourself in a big way.  Thanks for the lovely session my friend.  You are beautiful, and I am glad that I had a day to make you feel as beautiful as you are.



 GLAM-Teala-49 GLAM-Teala-61 GLAM-Teala-67 GLAM-Teala-74