Getting lost in Montana for a beautiful Anaconda Wedding (Mollie & Tim)

Mollie & Tim

If you were to look up in the dictionary (well maybe the urban dictionary) “perfect couple”….. you would find the definition- “Two people made to be together forever”.  For most of us who know Mollie and Tim, this describes them best.

When they first contacted me last year about their May Montana wedding, I was so excited to get to know them better.  Planning a wedding cross-country is no easy task.  I can not thank this gracious, kicked-back couple enough for including me in their day.  Not only is Mollie, possibly, the sweetest girl ever, she gave me entire control to have creative freedom to go where ever and photograph the day of the wedding how I saw best…..(for all you other wedding photographers out there, aren’t you jealous? Perfect brides do exist!!!)  You can imagine how over-the-moon excited I was!  Then, reality hit.  Since I had this amazing opportunity, now the pressure was on to come through for Mollie and Tim to find an amazing area for pictures.  Oh, and did I mention, there was a 92% chance of rain the day of the wedding. I didn’t care though, I was going to find the best possible place, the perfect spot…(and pray to sweet baby Jesus that the rain would hold off till the reception.)

The big day finally arrived.  The day Mollie and Tim would say “I do.”  The deep blue sky threatened of a storm, the wind was a tad chilly, but when Tim saw Mollie for the first time, none of that mattered.   In a gorgeous field, backdropped by towering mountains that seemed to cradle the sky above, my heart melted when I photographed this beautiful couple as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.  Their day was simply, perfect.  Surrounded by friends and family, the couple shared laughter, a few tears, and lots of dancing.

Mollie and Tim, your love is so simple and beautiful.  In my mind, that is what makes you a, quote unquote, “perfect couple”.  You get what you see. You’re honest, and always make the people around you feel loved.  Never change.

Thank you so much for sharing your day with me!