Finally Complete (Butte Wedding At the Anselmo Mine Yard)


As a wedding photographer sometimes you get the opportunity to photograph friends’s weddings…. These are the weddings I use to dread. Seriously, I DREADED it. Not because I don’t like my friends, it’s just for some reason a lot of pressure.
When Heather and Jason called me to do their wedding, was super excited but at the same time really scared. What happened if I didn’t give my best? or what if they don’t like their pictures I kept thinking….Ugghhh, I still hate even thinking about it! But I went for it. After I got over my jitters, It was such a joy to photograph some of my husband and I’s closest friends. Heather and Jason are such a great couple that it was almost too easy :).
I have seen this beautiful couple grow into a beautiful family over the last few years, and the moment really hit me at the ceremony. That moment that Jason was at the alter waiting on his girls. It was dead silent and I heard the little “squeek!…Squeek,squeek…. pause….Squeek squeek” of Bristol’s shoes. Then little Bristol appeared in her pink tutu to make her way down the isle into her daddy’s arms. Once Bristol got up there, Heather was waiting at the back of the isle to make her walk. It was then that I looked over to see the look on Jason’s face, and I will never forget it. It was almost as if he realized that this was the day that his family became a family. It had been a long time coming and when you see two people that you care about have these looks, it really tugs at your heart. I am OVER THE MOON so excited and so honored that I was the one they trusted to photograph their special day at the Enselmo Mine yard, and also up on top of the world in the Highlands, where I may or may not have secretly thought I might die going up that questionable mountain in the truck. Anything for a great picture though!
Jason and Heather and Bristol, I love you all! Thank you so much!


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