Kenny & Cheyenne A beautiful Montana style laid-back Red Lodge Wedding



You know those couples that just catch you off guard with their kind and grateful nature, and when you first meet them, you think “Gosh they are so nice, …..AND ridiculously good looking!!”.  Well, even though I am pretty jealous of their beautiful faces, I am even more blown away by how big their hearts are.  I have never met a couple that just kick back and enjoy the moment and not try to control everything the day of the wedding.  I am a huge believer in true love and finding your soulmate.  Cheyenne and Kenny, you have something so special, so amazing, and so true….hold on to that, forever.  I can see you as the old (but still ridiculously good looking) couple sitting on the front porch just enjoying life.

Your children are a total and complete gift, and I will never forget when Jace looked up at Cheyenne’s earrings the day of the wedding and said “Mommy, those are beautiful trees hanging from your ears!” :).  So many great moments that day, but I will never forget that one!

I am excited to see where life, love, and family take you!



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