Mark & Emily Wedding (Butte Anselmo Mine & Finlen Hotel)


On a wedding day, there are so many things that are routine.  From getting ready, to portraits, to ceremony and some dancing.  When Mark and Emily asked me to photograph their wedding, I knew that this couple was not your ordinary love birds.  Something was different, and one thing I knew for sure was they were smitten over each other, head over heals in love, and possibly kissed more than any other couple I have ever met…… 🙂   Now, you may be thinking, they must be in that honeymoon phase. (I am actually guilty of thinking this) But after getting to know Mark and Emily, they have been together for a few years now and are more in love than before. In today’s world, this baffles most. They are the rare stone that shines beautiful in a hill of sand and rock, they are the love that most never find in a lifetime, and they are LIVING their love.  So on a wedding day, somethings are the same for so many weddings, but this one was so different because unconditional love was not only present, but in action from the moment the sun kissed the beautiful old town of Butte, MT to the time the stars twinkled in the sky above.

As a wedding photographer, I see a lot of different relationships, but none like this.  They simply adore each other and have hearts that show love in big ways. They are the couple that 50 years from now will be sitting on a park bench, giggling, and snuggling as busy people hustle off to work, and kids through ducks crumbs of bread.  The couple that their grandkids will say, “I want a marriage like that” .

Mark and Emily, in the small amount of time I have gotten to spend time with you, I have learned so much. Being with you and your families on this special day has brought me joy, laughter, and even some tears.  Your day was special in many ways, and I am so grateful to have witnessed it.  Keep loving big, laughing loud and often, and never taking yourselves “too seriously” and remember those awesome vows you took on that great day!