Lane + Cassidi (who knew your forever lived right next door?)



Growing up in a small Montana town, you tend to have big dreams…… dreams like taking over your parents ranch someday, maybe moving to the big city of Bozeman to start off your career as a hair stylist. To most of us around here, we tend to overlook the beauty of living in a small town and want to get out and go on an adventure somewhere.  But what if, your adventure, your love, your dream was right in front of you the whole time? I have known both Lane and Cassidi’s families through the country way of life (you know someone, who knows someone, who is someones sister, and they know so-and-so, and the brides dad ended up being one of the refs for your high school basketball career, and one of the bridesmaids makes the best coffee ever at her coffee hut in Cardwell, and the Groom is the grandson of your very favorite teacher, Mrs. J….who makes the BEST maple bars in the whole world.)  My point is, when you grow up in Cardwell, MT you always know someone and everybody….BUT what you don’t know as you are climbing trees as a kid or floating the river as a 16 yr old is that your next door neighbor will end up being your Love, your everything, your forever.  God works in the most AWESOMEST (pretty sure it’s not a word, but go with it, Mrs. J )  WAYS.  He has miracles and blessings all around us that take years before they are revealed to us.

So, Cassidi and Lane, I may not know you super well, but I know that you come from great families, with strong hearts and undeniable faith.  And because of that you both know what it takes to make a marriage a marriage.  Photographing your wedding day, I saw two people, young in spirit and age, join hearts and lives in front of the people who love them most.  You are a couple that I see having so many adventures together where ever life takes you.  Maybe you don’t have to go far….Maybe just a little small town, where you settle down together, grow together, and love together.  In my opinion, it’s couples from the small towns who have the biggest Love story.




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