Katie & Josh Butte Wedding{Dr. Who Wedding}

Katie and Josh,

When you envision your big day, it might be a little inspired by Pintrest, some pastels, and sparkles….. Not if your Katie and Josh.  I personally have never heard of this show called “Dr. Who”, then after meeting with Katie I realized it kinda had a cult following :). With the beautiful blues and yellow sunflowers, the day was a one of a kind, and could never be replicated by crazy Pintrest wedding brides.  Not only was the inspiration a one -of-a-kind, but the couple, their friends and family, are also one-of-a-kind.  From the first time I met Katie and Josh, they have been so kind and always seemed to see the bigger picture than just focusing on “details, details, details” of the wedding.  They had some pretty epic vows, and some funny Dr. Who props, even made a trip to the pawn shop, but what stood out most to me was they simply were there enjoying every moment with loved ones and each other.  Being present on your wedding day can be hard, when there are so many details, but for Katie and Josh, they made it look easy.  Keep living in the moment you two, I don’t think you can go wrong there!



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