Jen & Ryan {Up on the Roof} Butte Wedding

Jen and Ryan,

How do I even begin to describe how awesome it was to get to know you and photograph your beautiful family and your very special day? It’s hard to put into words, (I guess I do better at showing you with images)….good thing I am not a poet :).

When I photograph weddings, I am always observing relationships.  Jen and Ryan, the way I see you treat each other and Kale makes me my heart melt.  Both of you are so patient and do everything for each other and Kale out of love and kindness.  And in turn, I think we can all agree Kale is one of the sweetest little boys on earth.  Your wedding was the seal on the envelope, the vow to make your family complete, the icing on the cake (a very tasty cake too boot!) and one of the best days of your life.  Thank you so much for showing me how being kind and patient always! You two are what makes my job so much fun.



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