CCCF Festivus Games 2017

Just a huge shout-out to my CCCF Family! I have been amazed over and over again by how much you give to our community and to Crossfit in our area.  I was so sad that I personally wasn’t there to see all these amazing athletes and cheer them on and photograph every struggle, triumph, and even just those cute kiddos playing in the kid room.  Thank you to Anthony and Tara for always striving to create something better and funner and new.  You both amaze me in your drive to give us CCCFers the best you can.  And Teal…. oh, Teal, THANK YOU FOR BEING MKATE FOR THE DAY AND MANY OTHER DAYS AS WELL! I think sometimes people get overwhelmed when we are together because it is like two balls of LOUD energy that is in 10,000 places at once.  You always step up to the plate and take on huge tasks.  So to everyone out there, PLEASE call, text or instagram @tealjoy to thank her for being there to take pictures of the CCCF Festivus Games! Enjoy the pics below!

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