After 8 Years and 8 months, John and Karen FINALLY say I DO!!! (Fairmont Wedding)

We all thought the day would never come, but thank God John FINALLY asked Karen to marry him, and I think we all were on pins and needles hoping she would say “yes” :).  After 8 years and 8 months, … Continue reading

Getting lost in Montana for a beautiful Anaconda Wedding (Mollie & Tim)

Mollie & Tim

If you were to look up in the dictionary (well maybe the urban dictionary) “perfect couple”….. you would find the definition- “Two people made to be together forever”.  For most of us who know Mollie and Tim, this describes them best.

When they first contacted me last year about their May Montana wedding, I was so excited to get to know them better.  Planning a wedding cross-country is no easy task.  I can not thank this gracious, kicked-back couple enough for including me in their day.  Not only is Mollie, possibly, the sweetest girl ever, she gave me entire control to have creative freedom to go where ever and photograph the day of the wedding how I saw best…..(for all you other wedding photographers out there, aren’t you jealous? Perfect brides do exist!!!)  You can imagine how over-the-moon excited I was!  Then, reality hit.  Since I had this amazing opportunity, now the pressure was on to come through for Mollie and Tim to find an amazing area for pictures.  Oh, and did I mention, there was a 92% chance of rain the day of the wedding. I didn’t care though, I was going to find the best possible place, the perfect spot…(and pray to sweet baby Jesus that the rain would hold off till the reception.)

The big day finally arrived.  The day Mollie and Tim would say “I do.”  The deep blue sky threatened of a storm, the wind was a tad chilly, but when Tim saw Mollie for the first time, none of that mattered.   In a gorgeous field, backdropped by towering mountains that seemed to cradle the sky above, my heart melted when I photographed this beautiful couple as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.  Their day was simply, perfect.  Surrounded by friends and family, the couple shared laughter, a few tears, and lots of dancing.

Mollie and Tim, your love is so simple and beautiful.  In my mind, that is what makes you a, quote unquote, “perfect couple”.  You get what you see. You’re honest, and always make the people around you feel loved.  Never change.

Thank you so much for sharing your day with me!



















Those people in your life…..

So, you know those people you have in your life that will do anything for you? They are always there for a shoot when you need an assistant, you can call up and barrow a lens (no questions asked), they go with you on trips to the mountains in 0 degree weather to photograph a waterfall and no cell service (not a good idea lol), go months without talking and you pick up right where you left off?  My point is, these are the friends that you will have for life.  I find myself always putting my friends and family on the back burner.  I know I am not the only one who does this, I think we just know that they will always understand, they will always be there, so it is easier to put our loved ones last.  When I really think about it, it should be the complete opposite! Our friends and family should always come first, and we should never take these relationships for granted. So in light of this, I had photographed one of my dearest friends this winter.  And yes, I put it on the back burner.  After talking with Shanna, I realized that I would never want one of my best friends to put me on the back burner.  Sometimes it takes a good friend to tell you how they feel to make that lightbulb go off in your head.  I just wanted to take the time to say we should always put our family and friends first.  Always treat them how you want to be treated even if sometimes you want to put them on the back burner because you know they will always love you and understand.  My friends are amazing and I am lucky they want me to photograph them.  I love this lady because she has come so far in her career.  I remember the time we were headed to that mountain waterfall and she said she NEVER wanted to photograph people.  Well now she is one of the best I know.  Shanna you are a beautiful soul inside and out.  Thank you for being my friend!

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1972 Inspired Wedding Shoot

I can smell Wedding in the air! Seriously, who is excited for wedding season?! This girl! I am so excited to kick the season off with an amazing stylized shoot that was 1972 inspired.  I love bright colors, converse shoes, suspenders, and a couple in love.  Weddings are suppose to be fun, so let loose and put a little color and swag into your big day!

Photography: MKate Photography

Makeup: Studio 19

Wedding Attire: Couture with A&A

Set Decoration: Decorations for All Occasions 406-490-8692

SS_1972Inspired-5 SS_1972Inspired-43 SS_1972Inspired-46 SS_1972Inspired-90 SS_1972Inspired-110 SS_1972Inspired-107 SS_1972Inspired-94 SS_1972Inspired-92 SS_1972Inspired-54 SS_1972Inspired-129

Ashley + John Not your average wedding……But definitely a Butte Wedding


I never know what to expect whenever I photograph a big Butte wedding…..but there is one thing for sure and that is that it will be fun, really, really FUN.  When I met Ashley to talk about her wedding she had specifically told me that she wanted to #1. Keep with tradition and 1st see John when she walked down the isle   #2. she wanted to keep pictures fun, simple and not take too much time.  Well, I was at first really nervous and running through my head was “I am going to not have time!” Even though I was freaking out, the grace of God shined down and helped me through it :). I feel like I should get an award for getting through posed pictures of a bridal party of over 24 “really happy” and Fireball stricken bridesmaids and groomsmen…..Oh, the joys of Fireball.  Now, as a wedding photographer, sometimes I think I always know what is best when it comes to the schedule, but reality is, when all is said and done, I want my clients to be happy and it to be THEIR day through- and-through.   I am so honored that Ashley and John picked me to photograph their October wedding in Butte, MT.  Yes, I was praying like crazy that it would be a beautiful day and I swear it had to be the best day of Fall.  So beautiful, fall colors everywhere and a gorgeous bride and groom.  …….And a bridal party that was possibly the most entertaining group I have ever photographed.  I think when you are in a bar taking shots with your best friends, end up with underwear on your head, somehow putting on deodorant because one of the bridesmaids happened to have it in her purse, and end up dancing on the bar…..did I mention all this is before the reception?!……Needless to say, It was a great start to a really fun night!

Ashley and John, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so easy going with everything that day.  Truly, I had a blast with all of you, and will probably steer clear of Fireball forever…….lol.  You two are beautiful together and of course Bandit is a great lil kid and I had fun photographing him at the engagement session.  Congrats to you and your AMAZING families, they made me and Teal feel so welcome through everything.  God Bless!


Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-186 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-185 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-184 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-183 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-182 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-181 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-180 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-179 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-178 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-177 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-176 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-175 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-174 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-173 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-172 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-171 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-170 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-169 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-168 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-167 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-166 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-165 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-164 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-163 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-162 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-161 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-160 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-159 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-158 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-157 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-156 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-155 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-154 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-153 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-152 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-151 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-150 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-149 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-148 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-147 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-146 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-145 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-144 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-143 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-142 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-141 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-140 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-139 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-138 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-137 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-136 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-135 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-134 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-133 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-132 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-131 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-130 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-129 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-128 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-127 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-126 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-125 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-124 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-123 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-122 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-121 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-120 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-119 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-118 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-117 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-116 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-115 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-114 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-113 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-112 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-111 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-110 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-109 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-108 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-107 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-106 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-105 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-104 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-103 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-102 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-101 Butte_Montana_Wedding_Photographer-100