Victorian Butte- A shoot inspired by our rich Butte History

I am not a native Butte person, but at heart I am.  I only grew up 45 minutes away from this town and even as a little kid I always wanted to go to Butte rather than….yes, Bozeman.  When I say that, Most people give me a weird look, but hey, I LOVE Butte! I love the town, the people, the architecture, and of course the history! Most people are astonished when I tell them that Butte was the place to be in the 1800-early 1900’s.  Over 100 thousand people lived in uptown Butte! We has some of the greatest performers and bands travel to play right here in Butte.  I have always been a old soul at heart, and I love love love all the wonderful places here to shoot.  So naturally, I wanted to do a shoot and capture some images that looked like we were in old Butte.  I would love to thank Glenda my rockin hair stylist from GW Design Salon & Day Spa for making the hair look so amazing and more than what I thought hair could ever look like! Also, Brian at Rediscoveries for getting together the “perfect” outfit! You always come through! The Art Chateau for the wonderful location, and to my wonderful models! Katey and Whitney, you both are the most stunning red heads I have ever known and I am sooooooo jealous of your hair! Please enjoy a look back in time! 



Alta & Luke

Alta, Oh, Alta….I am so happy that 10 years ago (wow did I just say 10 years!!!!??) we became friends.  You are a great friend and I am blessed to say that you are my friend!

I remember when you first mentioned that you were seeing Luke and somehow I knew that he was going to be a big part of your life.  Even though I was never able to meet him until the wedding, I could tell that he made you so happy from the first time you talked about him.  And for all of you who know Alta, she is ALWAYS happy, so it might be hard to imagine how she could be even MORE happy! Some how Luke, you did that.  Thank you to everyone who made this a beautiful wedding.  Family and close friends who came to celebrate Alta and Luke’s wedding made my photographs even more amazing.  I love to photograph the special day But I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to  photograph the people who make their day special.

Enjoy the photographs

Car Rides, Candy, And Kids! Oh, joy!

I was so excited when Teal called to set up Liberty’s 2 yr. pictures.  We decided to go all decked out with a pink vintage car, candy, and a ride to do a stylized shoot on the main street of Phillipsburg, MT.  Should be such a fun, care free day….so we thought.

8:30 a.m.- In the car driving to Phillipsburg….oh, wait….actual start time 9:00 (we always are late!)

9:30 a.m.- all the kiddo’s are passed out

10:45 a.m.- Little Miss Liberty wakes up in a not so happy mood for her big day

11:00 a.m.- After negotiation with the Model (Liberty) did not go so well, we decided to eat and Billy shotgunned half and halves.  Zoe was quiet as a bird, Liberty decided she was over mac and cheese, and Teal and I decided to have a full glass of wine.   And I am not kidding, That glass of wine was a miracle worker! After I took a few sips the kids settled down, negotiating with Liberty was way easier and she ate the mac and cheese.  And then we were off to photograph her 2 year old pictures.

The day was warm, we only had a few paparazzi (ok, just one crazy lady with an iPhone who Teal about clocked upside the head) and the kids ultimately had a blast, especially when we hit the candy store.  

It was a day we would never forget, and a reminder of why gluten is bad…..

1:45 p.m.- start driving home

2:30 p.m.- Liberty gets a tummy ache from the candy and well,….lets just say it was not so pretty.

OOOhhhh, What a day! And such a fun, memory that I will ALWAYS remember! Thanks Teal for being one of the bestest friend ever.  And remind me next time, to think things through a bit haha



Cassie & Justin

When I got a email from Cassie to photograph her wedding this summer I was so excited! Not only is it in such a beautiful summer month but it is not far from my home out at fairmont. Two weeks ago they came all the way up from WY for me to photograph their engagement portraits. It was a beautiful day for outdoor photographs, a touch windy but, somehow wind adds some excitement to a session.  especially with long hair and spring dresses.  Thank you so much Justin and Cassie for making the trip up for me to photograph you! 




Watch out Class of 2014

Ok, so at MKate Photography we like to be CREATIVE little free souls! I love nothing more than to create beautiful and one-of a-kind images that my clients absolutely love! Why do boring old senior portraits?! That is just insanity to me! It is so much fun to gather ideas, photograph “out of the box” and create stunning images that just make everyone who sees them say “I wish I did something like that for MY senior portraits!”

Kayla, my amazing senior model for 2014 was so excited to have senior portraits that are different, off the wall, and fun!  Check out the images below and you can tell that we had a ton of fun creating something soooooo different from your every day senior session.  Thank you so much Kayla! You are amazing!


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